twitch streamin

General / 17 July 2018

First twitch stream in two months.  So I wasn't going to go hard on anything, just something conceptual from a sphere.  About two hours

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touching on skin

General / 16 June 2018

just throwing some color on the skin to see where I need more detail in marmoset.  might wrinkle him up a bit, diverting from the concept a little.  just so that it feels a bit more like mine.  I don't know.

I have insanely talented friends...

General / 06 June 2018

who I love dearly.  Took some quick shots of two prints that I had done of speed sculpts I had lying around.  Each one was graciously painted by my friends Justin Rodriguez (Beefcake batman)  and Stephanie Gitlin (Demon).  Love how these came out, such an awesome thing to share with with everyone.

Ilya Bondarenko sketch

General / 01 June 2018

doodling a concept by Ilya Bondarenko last tonight.  Definately interesting matching the drawing.  Kinda rough, simple WIP sketch.

finally done with Joker sketch

General / 09 May 2018

calling this one done posted it in my portfolio here

Sketchfab Art Spotlight

General / 04 May 2018

Hey guys!   So Sketchfab asked me to do a quick write up on my thought process in creating my realtime Popeye piece, found here

Thanks to Sketchfab for featuring me and for all the support! I appreciate it! 

God of....Jokes?

General / 03 May 2018

Just screwing around a bit

adjusting lighting and beginning suit materials

General / 02 May 2018

Missing the flower 


joker skin

General / 30 April 2018

now that god of war is done and out of my system I decided tonight to revisit the joker sculpt I did a while back, doing some texture work.

Joker sketch cont.

General / 20 April 2018

decided to take my joker sketch a little bit further tonight