Skrull Update

Work In Progress / 14 December 2020

added legs and stuff

Skrull WIP

Work In Progress / 09 December 2020

So I took the skrull head I sketched a bit ago, and did a body last night just to see what it could feel like. Very WIP. Still trying out the huion pentablet with this one. I'm getting faster, but its still a bit uncomfortable. 

The Keanstream Ep 01: Crunch Ft Danny Sweeney

General / 08 December 2020

Welcome to the Keanstream! This was an idea I've had for a while now. In this podcast, we talk about nebulous topics that affect those in the games and film industries, as well as anything else I'd like to chat about.  In this first episode, I discuss, with Danny Sweeney, the topic of crunch and crunch culture and what we can do to combat it.  Enjoy!  

The audio-only version of this:

Huion kamvas 24 pro initial test.

Work In Progress / 23 November 2020

So I've begun to test the huion kamvas 24 pro, to see what the world outside of Wacom looks like. I'll have a review later this week but I just wanted to so a little sketch a did this weekend on it. I will admit the device itself is a bit of a mixed bag, but it can do the job.

Fianlly fixed my wacom issues in Zbrush

Tutorial / 22 October 2020

Hey guys I made a quick video on how I fixed my wacom issues in zbrush and Im putting up here incase someone can benifit from it! 

Continuing my exploration in Nomad

Making Of / 07 October 2020

I did a speed sculpt of a torso using the software Nomad, on my android tablet... Still is crazy to me that I can say that.

Here is the image of the model

My thoughts on Nomad

General / 06 October 2020

nomad in sketchfab

General / 05 October 2020

so I decided I am going to give away the model (a decimated version) for free on my sketchfab

Nomad Sculpt: My new favorite toy

General / 04 October 2020

So nomad sculpt is already one of my favourite new toys. Sculpt I did today over lunch on my galaxy tab s7+. I feel like I'm having fun with sculpture again.

Sculpted From a sphere, I then decided to take the sculpt from my tablet and export the obj DIRECTLY Into Keyshot:


Foot from a Cube

Making Of / 30 September 2020