Continuing the torso

General / 23 May 2019

Face detailing

General / 22 May 2019

Continueing the face a bit in zbrush 


General / 20 May 2019

Doing an oldish space captain...but  after doing a face that I liked, I couldn't help myself and continued the body from the sphere.  The hands are very WIP and so are not shown. I wrapped it in topology so it should be very usable when I'm done and pop into marvelous.  

Teddy Toy Civ VI

General / 16 May 2019

So recently I made a Theodore Roosevelt from civ 6 set to be printed out by my buddy Jason Johnson at Firaxis and then hand painted by Steph Gitlin.  This thing came out great!   I love the way the forms ready under the light.  The stylization really plays well with printing! 


some hair doodle fun

Work In Progress / 20 April 2019

Testing out some new ways of sculpting hair,  from a sphere, just a test.  Rendered in Keyshot 

baby born baby born

General / 11 April 2019

I figured why not keep that odd thing going.  Now sad crying baby from a sphere.  #zbrush #3d #sculpt 

new computer setup sketches

General / 10 April 2019

So I got a new computer and setup in my office, rearranged everything.  So Now I'm slowly getting back up to speed finding my comfort in the new and improved space.  It's slow going, but here are two sketches from this slight trial period.

Hell Boy WIP

General / 18 February 2019

Did a quick sculpt from a sphere of the comic book version of hellboy , based heavily on the original drawings (made a little more 3d) Work in progress

Batman sculpt and render pass.

General / 05 February 2019

In Marmoset:  Still WIP 


Free model

General / 29 January 2019

A quick sculpt I did that I had lying around, that I cleaned up and prepared it for 3D Print.

find it on thingiverse or download it from the sketchfab above!