wario bakes

General / 05 May 2023
Got the bake done! Almost time for the materials!

Low poly wario

Work In Progress / 27 April 2023
Finally got around to the low-poly; let's get this thing baked and moving for the unreal scene

Industry Standards Podcast!

News / 15 March 2023

I was invited to the @industrystandards podcast to talk about work, life, and everything in between! hope you enjoy it; give it a listen! 

Flipbook shader for marmoset 4!

General / 20 December 2022

I took a very old flipbook shader from Marmoset toolbag 3 and fixed it to work in 4; now dino is finally playing something! (also love that the animations affect the raytracing)  

ZBrush Unleashed: Building a Superhuman Physique from a Cylinder

Making Of / 07 December 2022

In this ZBrush sculpting timelapse, watch as I transform a simple cylinder into a stylized, super-muscular male upper body. Using ZBrush's powerful tools and my own artistic vision, I craft every muscle and detail, bringing this hero to life.

and just the turntable

Gamer Dino animation test

Work In Progress / 18 October 2022

a quick animation test 

Gamer Dino cont.

Work In Progress / 25 July 2022

Adding more props and lighting setups, next stop unreal for some motion! 

Gamer Dino Update

Work In Progress / 11 July 2022

making some progress on the Gamer Dino, just testing out materials, for now, also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/digisculp/status/1546533895952388096

some test props:


back to streaming!

Work In Progress / 08 June 2022

Decided to try my hand at streaming again, this time on twitch AND youtube

I threw together a wolverine body

Gamer Dino Wacom Pen Holder!

General / 27 May 2022

GET YOURS NOW: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/miniatures/figurines/gamer-dino-wacom-pen-holder 

So I finished prepping Gamer Dino for print but on stream last night someone said the head would make for a dope Wacom pen holder. So, I made it real.. I'm prepping this model as well as the full gamer dino for 3d printing, I'm going to probably pop these up in a new store I'm making so stay tuned.