Lincoln update #2

General / 02 June 2020
a small update to my stylized lincoln piece, he is turning into a full character now, which I guess is kinda cool!  Also am beginning to finalize the skin detailing 

Lincoln Update

Work In Progress / 19 May 2020

This is VERY WIP,  but it gives you an idea of where I want to take the Lincoln piece, more illustrative, smiling, but only just so.  Still heavily stylized, still playing around with pore amount and forms. Ron Mueck's work as a point of reference.

Male Basemesh

General / 17 May 2020

Hey guys!

I recently posted a few meshes to the marketplace, one of which is a base mesh that I use from time to time to start characters.  I figured I would sell it for a small amount ($10) and let you guys use it for whatever you like!  

Store Page

Grab it today and let me know what you think!

Texture pass (lookdev)

Work In Progress / 28 April 2020

Did a bake and Small texture pass in Substance and Marmoset, looking for a nice skin feel before moving on to the rest of him.

Creepy slug dude

Work In Progress / 27 April 2020

Started a Creepy Slugman over the weekend, might be fun to do a creature for a change.  I did a polypaint and rendered out a test in marmoset to see how the forms were reading.  

New tutorial, sculpting a sphere from a man

Tutorial / 26 April 2020

Pose your Zbrush Sculpts!

Tutorial / 20 April 2020

So I turned my blog post into a video tutorial, enjoy! 

Quick Posing a hipoly character (with props) in Zbrush using mixamo (or any other sofware)

Tutorial / 17 April 2020

I thought this workflow was a bit more known but in case its not, here is a quick way of getting characters posed in zbrush using Transpose master and mixamo.  Its a really useful workflow if you have a character with a ton of props and dont want to deal with posing that by hand in zbrush.  

So lets start with a character,  meet Bill...

Bill is a viking with few inhibitions and is wearing a bunch of stuff downloaded from sketchfab (this was a quick tutorial).  Now say that Bill is a more complicated character or something more complete, this process is the same regardless.  

Okay lets get bill into a pose shall we?  

Anyway, click TposeMesh

Now its is easier to do this whole process if you have a lower res model to work with, so if you are transposing a dynameshed model or something of the like I strongly recommend that you zremesh it or retopo it somewhat lower as it will make all the next steps a lot easier

Now we should see the low poly version of your mesh and accessories combined into one mesh ready for posing:  

Once we are here we want to UV the model quickly, simply click UVmaster Unwrap, to get a usable UV map.  (we only need it for vert transfers, doesn't need to be clean) :


okay Now Export you mesh into your model editor of choice, mine is Maya: 

okay, Make sure your model came in with UVs and not exploded into a thousand little pieces. If so you may need to play with your export settings in zbrush (they are well documented and I will not be covering them here).  

Once you are good keep this scene open and pop over to Mixamo

Upload and follow prompts to rig the character:

and find a pose you like:

okay now the fun begins, download the rigging file from mixamo and bring that fbx back into your program of choice.

 clear the rigging from it and make sure that you have your new model is oriented like your old model.

[Disclaimer] The following steps will now be maya specific, I do not know how this process works in every program but I do know that most programs support what I am about to do.  I'll leave that to you to figure out. 

So now this is the Magic step!  select your old and your new one together, go to Mesh > Transfer Attributes 

You want to transfer the vert position using the UV map as the sampling space:  

This will create a model in your pose but with the vert order as the transpose mesh (important for the next step!

Export your ORIGINAL MODEL (now in your new pose) back into zbrush.  REPLACE THE TRANSPOSE MODEL WITH THIS IMPORT and then clean up the result:

And now its as simple as clicking Tpose|SubT

And if you did everything correctly you should have everything cleanly transfer back over.

And that is how you pose a Zbrush model using Mixamo.  

Closing thoughts: 

Though this workflow using Mixamo, you could easily rig the mesh yourself and bring all the pieces back in at once using this technique, great for toy sculptors needing to get a quick pose on a scanned mesh!  

Thank you <3

And hey now its a video! 

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bit of a detour

Work In Progress / 05 April 2020

larger personal project took a bit of a detour and went on this tangent for a bit.  might finish this up later still WIP. calling it "not giving a fuck" 

Test Prints of Sup

Making Of / 01 February 2020

My buddy Jason printed out my Superman and it came out awesome!