fun with neural filters

Making Of / 21 December 2021

I've always been interested in using neural filters to help enhance old pieces.  below is what can be done with one a few min in photoshop using only the neural filters. it's quite startling how different the results can be.

the original image done several years ago: 

and the updated neural version:

and the neural image, processed to resemble the original intent

and the side by side 

It's interesting how much information photoshop can create to allow the processing to happen FAR more naturally.  but now the real question is, is this new creation the original intent? or is this a cool adjacent image that votes different feelings?  IDK, but it's interesting to think about nonetheless. 

warrior speed sculpt

Making Of / 16 December 2021

something a bit old-school from me haha! a speed sketch of a warrior, from a cylinder, in about an hour.

Pushing marvelous designer

Making Of / 27 August 2021

I've recently been experimenting with marvelous and I wanted to share some images. Ive been playing with the auto fit, feature from it and it's pretty powerful. 

Each of these were refit from pre-made designs on my gangster that I'm doing.

Once I had that I experimented with the outfit I had I my head for the character, no stylization in mind yet 


So far so good! 

My thoughts on Speed Sculpting.

Making Of / 07 July 2021

Speed sculpting has been something I've done since the beginning and affects almost every aspect of my workflow, in this video I attempt to talk about why I think speed sculpting is so important and why everyone should be doing it

Illidan Speed Sculpt

Making Of / 08 April 2021
Last night I streamed a speed sculpt from a sphere, this time they wanted to see me do Illidan from Warcraft. He was a fun character, though I got lost along the way several times. come follow me next time! Also available for download and print from the sketchfab scene below. 

Speed Sculpt Part 1

Making Of / 02 April 2021

Last night on twitch I did a speed sculpt from a sphere, about an hour, gonna keep going with it.

Continuing my exploration in Nomad

Making Of / 07 October 2020

I did a speed sculpt of a torso using the software Nomad, on my android tablet... Still is crazy to me that I can say that.

Here is the image of the model

Foot from a Cube

Making Of / 30 September 2020

Arm from a cube

Making Of / 25 September 2020

Speed sculpt of an arm from a cube. This was a quick one and I'll probably detail more once it's on the torso, but I want to get in the habit of making these :)  

Speed sculpt: torso from a cylinder

Making Of / 24 September 2020

I haven't done one of these in a very long time!