Sculpting with Follygon. Part One

News / 10 December 2021

so, Follygon and I sat down for a chat and sculpt. We talk about a ton of different topics and had a great time doing it, enjoy!  this is part one of two

Games I've Worked on!

News / 26 August 2021

So this month I have had two games that I've worked on premiere to the public.  

The first is Twelve Minutes!

And Next is Marvel Midnight Suns

I was a senior character artist for both (technically I lead character production on Midnight suns for a year)

Back on Twitch!

News / 31 March 2021

Hey guys! I wanted to let you guys know that I've started to stream again on twitch!  Come by and give me a follow! 

last night I did some work on the skrull and did a catman!  I don't understand it either!

download it! print it! do what you like! the world is yours!


News / 03 October 2018

Hello! long time since posting, sorry.  I've been very busy with work and other projects, One of which I'm incredibly excited to tell you all about!

I can officially say that I'm the newest mentor over at the Mentor Collective, Run by my buddy Josh Lynch  Do sign up for November classes!  I'm here to help in any way I can to help make your characters the best they can be. Sign up today! And thanks to Josh for the chance to share the info