Gamer Dino Wacom Pen Holder!

General / 27 May 2022


So I finished prepping Gamer Dino for print but on stream last night someone said the head would make for a dope Wacom pen holder. So, I made it real.. I'm prepping this model as well as the full gamer dino for 3d printing, I'm going to probably pop these up in a new store I'm making so stay tuned. 

Sculpting with Follygon. Part Two

General / 13 December 2021

part two of the conversation Follygon and I had is up! this part is full of a lot of topics including leadership and art school thoughts, enjoy!

having some fun

General / 08 October 2021

You know you would watch it 

Naked Wario

General / 27 July 2021

worked a bit on my Wario piece, rather more so the anatomy underneath 

speed sketch

General / 29 June 2021

hour-long speed sculpt last night on stream to warm up the hand. 

From nomadsculpt to marmoset

General / 01 June 2021

Popped it out of nomad with minimal clean-up, though the teeth got jacked up and needed some touch up.  

from here I plan on wrapping topo and doing a final sculpt and texture pass on it. 

another Nomad sculpt Doodle

General / 29 May 2021

there is just something amazing about Nomad Sculpt

the ability to lay in bed and just noodle on an idea and light and render it out, right from there.... anyway a quick doodle from a sphere, done last night on an android tablet.

Fat Bat: Free toy

General / 19 April 2021

another one for the pile! made on my twitch stream:


First raw print!

General / 19 April 2021

One of my twitch followers printed lil dino!

lil Dino! Free toy

General / 19 April 2021

 on the stream, I created a cute lil Dino on his way to his first day of school! done from a cylinder. Follow along next time: 
download here: