Lincoln skin

General / 09 July 2019

revisited the stylization of Lincolns face as well as attempted a more detailed skin representation.  I don't want the pores to overwhelm, just more of something that catches the light and is there for closeups.


lincoln realitime WIP

General / 03 July 2019

messing around with a realtime version of the sketch in marmoset.  Still gotta do a skin and hair card pass.

Lincoln sketch

General / 12 June 2019

just goofing around with a playful take on Lincoln

still tweaking in marmoset

General / 06 June 2019

playing in marmoset

General / 04 June 2019

took my body mesh and did a bake and texture in painter and did a lighting set up to see where I'm at.  WIP obviously

Continuing the torso

General / 23 May 2019

Face detailing

General / 22 May 2019

Continueing the face a bit in zbrush 


General / 20 May 2019

Doing an oldish space captain...but  after doing a face that I liked, I couldn't help myself and continued the body from the sphere.  The hands are very WIP and so are not shown. I wrapped it in topology so it should be very usable when I'm done and pop into marvelous.  

Teddy Toy Civ VI

General / 16 May 2019

So recently I made a Theodore Roosevelt from civ 6 set to be printed out by my buddy Jason Johnson at Firaxis and then hand painted by Steph Gitlin.  This thing came out great!   I love the way the forms ready under the light.  The stylization really plays well with printing! 


baby born baby born

General / 11 April 2019

I figured why not keep that odd thing going.  Now sad crying baby from a sphere.  #zbrush #3d #sculpt