gamer dino

Work In Progress / 11 January 2022

Last night on stream I played around with the idea of a gamer Dino 

Evil carrot continued

Work In Progress / 08 January 2022

evil carrot WIP

Work In Progress / 06 January 2022

done on stream from a sphere 

simple little hair technique

Tutorial / 30 December 2021

great for sculpted hair!

Shark sketch

Work In Progress / 22 December 2021

Played with a hungry shark sketch last night on stream. 

fun with neural filters

Making Of / 21 December 2021

I've always been interested in using neural filters to help enhance old pieces.  below is what can be done with one a few min in photoshop using only the neural filters. it's quite startling how different the results can be.

the original image done several years ago: 

and the updated neural version:

and the neural image, processed to resemble the original intent

and the side by side 

It's interesting how much information photoshop can create to allow the processing to happen FAR more naturally.  but now the real question is, is this new creation the original intent? or is this a cool adjacent image that votes different feelings?  IDK, but it's interesting to think about nonetheless. 

warrior speed sculpt

Making Of / 16 December 2021

something a bit old-school from me haha! a speed sketch of a warrior, from a cylinder, in about an hour.

old man speed sculpt

Work In Progress / 14 December 2021

sculpted an old man on stream last night from a sphere, the file is free to download here! enjoy and print your own!!


Sculpting with Follygon. Part Two

General / 13 December 2021

part two of the conversation Follygon and I had is up! this part is full of a lot of topics including leadership and art school thoughts, enjoy!

Sculpting with Follygon. Part One

News / 10 December 2021

so, Follygon and I sat down for a chat and sculpt. We talk about a ton of different topics and had a great time doing it, enjoy!  this is part one of two