baby born baby born

General / 11 April 2019

I figured why not keep that odd thing going.  Now sad crying baby from a sphere.  #zbrush #3d #sculpt 

new computer setup sketches

General / 10 April 2019

So I got a new computer and setup in my office, rearranged everything.  So Now I'm slowly getting back up to speed finding my comfort in the new and improved space.  It's slow going, but here are two sketches from this slight trial period.

Hell Boy WIP

General / 18 February 2019

Did a quick sculpt from a sphere of the comic book version of hellboy , based heavily on the original drawings (made a little more 3d) Work in progress

Batman sculpt and render pass.

General / 05 February 2019

In Marmoset:  Still WIP 


Free model

General / 29 January 2019

A quick sculpt I did that I had lying around, that I cleaned up and prepared it for 3D Print.

find it on thingiverse or download it from the sketchfab above!


General / 23 January 2019

A sketch I tweaked last night. Just some rendering practice in #Keyshot, going for a moody feel. Based loosely off of a piece by Jeff Simpson. #zbrush 

XYZ Testing

General / 15 January 2019

Tried out some XYZ techniques on skin in marmosetco , still rough, just working out the kinks, balancing out the three displacement maps into a single normal map has been something I'm adjusting in Substance painter Just testing out some new workflows.


tooling around

General / 03 January 2019

Tooling around with my Chippendale Hammerhead Shark last night in Marmoset toolbag and a quick material blockin in Substance Painter. Gotta add bubbles and stuff for the final, just getting back in the flow for 2019.

Hammerhead Merman Chippendale...yea I don't know either

General / 02 November 2018

just blocking in forms for now

Mentorship sold out!

General / 04 October 2018

Hey guys, regretfully the class filled up pretty quick, so November is booked.  Thanks all for the Support! 

In the meantime, another very talented character artist, Peter Zoppi, is also doing a mentorship as well.  Why don't you swing by and give that a gander? 

Link for his class: